This Survey is now closed. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions on the San Antonio Chapter 5 Ordinance and the Animal Care Services Strategic Plan. The Board recommended changes to Chapter 5 of the City of San Antonio Code are posted on the ACS website along with a survey to gather feedback on the Board recommendations.
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Increase requirements for spay/neuter of owned pets when found roaming free of restraint, found without the required litter or seller’s permit, or when in repeat violation of other animal related laws. *

Increase tethering regulations to require access to 150 sq. ft. of unobstructed space and access to shade, water, and shelter.  Includes prohibiting the use of chains as a tethering device, the tethering of puppies, sick/injured dogs at any time, or any dog between the hours of 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM. *

Increase City’s authority to allow ACS the ability to impound a pet when being sold at unauthorized locations, or when found in repeat violation of permits (such as seller’s or breeder’s permits) or spay/neuter requirements. *

Maintain current limit of 3 fowl without permit. *

Limit the number of allowable roosters to only 1, or 1 for every 10 fowl with an excess animal permit. *

Maintain current limit of dogs and cats without a permit to 5 dogs, 8 cats, or a combination of 8. *

Limit the number of dogs and cats allowed with an excess animal permit to 1 animal for every 450 sq. ft. of unobstructed space. *

In addition to state regulations, and at the owner’s expense, require the following for dogs legally determined as dangerous or aggressive:  (1) ACS perform spay/neuter prior to the release of a dangerous/aggressive dog; (2) require owner to attend an ACS approved responsible pet ownership class; (3) prohibit the owner from transferring ownership/possession to anyone other than ACS. *

Require sellers of dogs to post seller’s permit number on every form of advertisement.  Also requires a seller or breeder to attend a responsible pet ownership class prior to obtaining a permit. *

Require rescue organizations doing business in San Antonio to obtain a Rescue License free of charge for 501(c)(3) organizations.  This license would exempt rescue groups from obtaining seller’s permits, a pet shop license, or an excess animal permit. *

Allow ACS to issue citations towards animal related noise complaints if animal continuously barks for a period of 10 minutes, on at least two separate occasions during the course of 1 week. *

The current proposal is to maintain the number of fowl (hens) allowed without a permit to 3 fowl. Which of the following best represents your opinion? Please circle only one response. *

For any recommendation where you disagreed or strongly disagreed, please indicated the reason for your disagreement below:

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